Cape Cod Lacrosse has been an opportunity for me to give back to the community that helped me start a career in the sport of lacrosse. I have two main objectives in the programs I run with CCLax: to provide top-notch instruction in all of our programs and

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Cape Cod Lacrosse
Team Cape Cod
Play with the best!!!

"Team Cape Cod is a program for the areas top players to compete at the highest level possible.  We have compiled a group of knowledgeable and enthusiastic coaches to maximize the growth and potential of our players.  Anyone that participates in the TCC program will be sure to benefit from their experience!!"
What is Team Cape Cod?
The TCC program is a high-quality club team experience.  TCC teams will be provided advanced instruction from experienced coaches and will include participation in elite tournaments.

Team Cape Cod provides emerging youth and high school players with advanced instruction from a coaching staff comprised of players that currently play the game at a high level.  This provides our players with coaches they will relate to and look up to as role models on and off of the field.  Our staff is second to none in our region!!!  They will provide a fun, upbeat approach to learning, just what every young player is looking for.

How do I Join Team Cape Cod for the Fall of 2016?
Team Cape Cod will host a tryout on Sunday September 11, 2016 for interested players.
@ Cape Cod Academy in Osterville, MA
50 Osterville West Barnstable Rd, Osterville, MA 02655
Youth Players (Grades 5-8) - 1:00-2:30pm
High School Players (Grades 9-12) - 2:30-4:00pm

What is the Cost?
Girl's Fall 2016
High School Grades 9 - 12
2017/18 & 2019/20 Teams - $750/player (includes unform costs)
HS players that participated in the Summer 2016 program - $650/player
  • Tryouts
  • 6 practices
  • 3 tournaments (10/16 NE Chill, 11/6 NE Showcase & 11/12 NE Fall Showcase)
  • Game films of every game played!!!

Register for Tryouts HERE

YOUTH Grades 5 - 8
2021, 2022 & 2023 - $550/player (includes unform costs)
Youth players that participated in the summer 2016 program - $450/player
  • Tryouts
  • 6 practices
  • 3 tournaments (10/15 NE Chill, 11/6 Fall Frenzy & 11/13 Fall Fear)

Register for Tryouts HERE

Which team should I try out for?
Players should try out for the team of their anticipated year of graduation from high school.

Can my child play up or down an age level?
Players can never play down in age group? The Team Cape Cod Coaching Staff encourages players to play with their age group.  Our Directors may invite a player to play up to the next age group if they feel that it is in that players best interest.  Our Directors have years of experience evaluating players' lacrosse skills and can compare them not only to current players but also to players from past years and other areas of the country.

What tournaments does TCC play in?
TCC makes its decision on what tournaments we participate in each year based on the following:

  • For our high school players we are looking for tournaments that provide quality competition, well run, acceptable number and length of games, availability of filming or videographer, location, and their opportunity to be seen by college coaches.
  • The tournaments our youth teams play in are determined by location, acceptable number and length of games, the ability to place our teams in appropriate skill divisions.

Our decision to choose which tournaments we participate in are based on these qualities collectively.  We want all of our players to have a fun, enjoyable and worthwhile experience while playing with Team Cape Cod.

All other questions can be sent directly to program director -