Cape Cod Lacrosse has been an opportunity for me to give back to the community that helped me start a career in the sport of lacrosse. I have two main objectives in the programs I run with CCLax: to provide top-notch instruction in all of our programs and

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Cape Cod Lacrosse
Indoor Lacrosse Leagues
Girl's Rules

Each team will play 7 per side; 1 goalie, 2 attack, 2 defense and 2 midfield on the field at a time. Rosters may not include more than 15 players.  Any roster with less than 15 players, is subject to the addition of Free Agent players.  Teams are required to provide a goalie!!
All players are required to wear a mouth guard and protective eyewear. Goal Keepers must wear ALL protective equipment.
Two 25 minute running time halves; the clock will start at :05 minutes past (1st half) and :35 minutes past (2nd half) every hour. Teams must be ready to play 5 minutes before the hour and warm up as the previous game is packing up. We encourage all players to arrive 15 minutes prior to game time to dress and stretch. The clock runs even if teams are not ready to play.
Draws will occur at the beginning of each half, one center from each team will draw at the center of the field. After a goal, play resumes with the goalie clearing to her defense.
All substitutions are done on the fly or at halftime.
A goalie has 10 seconds to clear the ball once she’s gained possession. If a goalie leaves the crease area with the ball she cannot return to the crease with possession of the ball. Goal keepers are not allowed to cross the midfield line.
The ball is considered to be out of bounds when it comes in contact with something not on the playing fields.  This includes side nets and the ceiling. In accordance with US Lacrosse rules if it is obvious who threw the ball out of bounds the ball will change possession, and be awarded to the closest player on the opposing team.  If however it is unclear, a throw between a player from each team will be taken where the out of bounds occurred.
Only 4 players from the offense and 5 from the defense (this includes the goalie) will be allowed over the restraining line. This rule is similar to the field rule with the exception of the number of players, indoors there are 2 back.
Teams must make one pass once over the Midfield line before going to goal. This will prevent single players from carrying the ball too much and encourage passing. 

  • A. If you intercept a goalie clear after a saved shot you may go directly to goal. (reasoning is you already have already met your 1 pass over the half filed line requirement). TRUE
  • B. If you intercept a goalie clear after a goal you need 1 pass. (reasoning is you have not met your 1 pass requirement and you need a pass). FALSE?

Any interception from the goalie or any other player in the offensive zone,including a good check to cause a turnover, does not need a pass (unless a pass is intercepted from a goalie clear immediately after a goal, refer to scenario B. above). We do not want to punish the defense for doing their job. Once the ball has cleared the offensive zone,(the restraining line), and then brought in, a pass is required.

This league will follow all US Lacrosse High School rules iin relation to major and minor fouls.

In addition to awarding a free possession, an official may give any number of verbal cautions or a yellow card which will result in sitting out for 2 minutes. Teams will play man down during the penalty time. If a player receives more than 2 yellow cards, she will be suspended for the remainder of that game.