Cape Cod Lacrosse has been an opportunity for me to give back to the community that helped me start a career in the sport of lacrosse. I have two main objectives in the programs I run with CCLax: to provide top-notch instruction in all of our programs and

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2017 Official CCLax Battle for the Buoy Tournament Rules

2017 CCLax Battle for the Buoy Rules and Championship Format

  1. Team Certifications: All participants must complete online waiver online at the link HERE.
  2. Players playing for other teams: Players will NOT be allowed to play in games across the same level (i.e. A player rostered on Team Dolphin Black in 2020 CANNOT play for Team Dolphin White in 2020). Players however can play up a division (i.e. A player playing on Team Dolphin Black 2022 is ALLOWED to play for Team Dolphin 2021).
  3. Length of Game: All games will consist of two, 22-minute running-time periods with a 5 minute half time.
  4. There will be a central horn at the START and END of each half. No overtime periods will be played.
  5. Substitutions: Substitutions will be done on the fly.
  6. Timeouts: There will NOT be any timeouts given in either regular or championship game play.
  7. Injury Stoppage: In the event of an injury to a player during a game the clock will not stop and no extra time will be added to the game.
  8. Slaughter Rule: A 10-goal rule will be used for all games. As long as a team has a ten-goal lead, the opposing team will have the option to receive the ball at the centerline following the goal or facing off. All coaches are requested to take appropriate steps to manage the total goals scored by their teams in a slaughter situation.
  9. NCAA Lacrosse Rules apply with the exceptions below:
  10. No penalties for 3+ faceoff violations in a half
  11. No shot clocks
  12. Advancing the ball: Counts for 2021, 2022 & 2023 only.  No count for 2024, 2025 and 2026 divisions.
  13. Body checks are permitted at all divisions with the exception of 2025 and 2026. No take out checks are permitted by any player at any level. DEFINITION: A takeout check occurs when a player lowers his head or shoulder with the force and intent to take out (put on the ground) the other player.
  14. Stick Checking: Controlled one-hand checking is allowed, as a point of emphasis, however, officials will be directed to call such checks closely, watching for stick control and off-hand activity. Any stick contact with the helmet including “the brush” shall be considered slashing.
  15. The team that is leading the game must keep the ball in its attack area during the last two-minutes of the game.
  16. Time Serving Penalties – Personal and Technical Fouls: All time serving Personal and Technical Fouls will be kept by the referee and will be running time penalties. Due to the running clock, we will add 15 seconds to every penalty.  45 Seconds for a technical fouls and 75 seconds for all personal fouls.
  17. Ejections: If a referee determines that any player’s safety is in jeopardy, he reserves the right to eject anyone from a game, including players, coaches or any other person associated with the team. ALL EJECTIONS WILL BE REVIEWED BY TOURNAMENT DIRECTORS AND WILL DETERMINE IF FURTHER DISCIPLINARY ACTION NEEDS TO BE TAKEN. THE JUDGEMENT OF THE TOURNAMENT DIRECTORS IS FINAL.
  18. Number of Coaches on a Sideline: Each team will limit the number of coaches in the bench area to three, a Head Coach and two Assistant Coaches. Only the head coach can communicate with the Referee at any point during the game.
  19. Game scores: Each field will have an official tournament scorer that will be responsible for scoring all games. Scores will be communicated to the scorers tent at the end of each game via radio after confirmation with each team’s head coach.
  20. Water: Each team is responsible for supplying their own water to the tournament.
  21. Clean up of bench areas after games: Each coach is requested to ensure that the bench area is picked-up after each game. Trash cans are available near bench areas and trash bags, if needed, are available in the Registration Tent.
  22. Resolution of problems or disputes: The Tournament Director (in consultation with the Head Official, if required) will make all final rulings/decisions on any and all problems or disputes.
  23. Round-robin games that at tired after the final horn will be considered a tie
  • Playoff games that are tied will immediately go into a 3 v 3 braveheart
  • Each team will have three players, plus a goalie (4 total)
  • Overtime period will begin with a faceoff with non-faceoff players on the two wings
  • Teams need to keep one player back at all times and can only have three players max in the attacking end of the field
  •  If a penalty is called in overtime, the penalized team will play man down 3 on 2, then 3 on 1. Once down 3 on 1, each subsequent penalty will result in a 4 on 1, 5 on 1, 6 on 1.
  • First team to score wins


2021, 2025 & 2026 Divisions (Divisions with 4 teams)

Teams will play 3 round-robin games against the other 3 teams in their pool. Following round robin play, teams in these divisions will meet in 2 semi-final games and will conclude with the winners of the 2 semifinals games meeting in the championship game.

2022, 2023 & 2024 Divisions (Divisions with 6 teams)

Teams playing in divisions of 6 teams will be placed into 2 pools of 3 teams each.  Each team will play 2 round-robin games on Saturday against the other teams in their pool and then be re-seeded on Sunday for playoffs and consolation games. The top 2 teams in their pool will receive a first round bye for Sunday's playoff. The bottom 4 teams will play a "Play-In" round with the wiiners advancing to the finals of their divisions and the losers will meet in a consolation game as a 4th game.

Tie – Breakers – 2 Team

1. Head-to-head
2. Goals Against
4. Goal Differential (8 is the maximum GD allowed per game)
5. Coin Flip

***In order to guarantee the best possible experience for all tournament participants, we reserve the right to make changes such that teams from the same program do not play one another in the playoffs prior to the championship game. (Team Dolphin Blue is scheduled to play Team Dolphin Black, while Team Hippo and Team Giraffe play in the other semi-final, these would be switched such that the two Team Dolphin teams do not play in the first playoff round).