Cape Cod Lacrosse has been an opportunity for me to give back to the community that helped me start a career in the sport of lacrosse. I have two main objectives in the programs I run with CCLax: to provide top-notch instruction in all of our programs and

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Crossroads Township League (CTL) Rules



U9 Small Ball (1st / 2nd Grade):

  • League does not provide any officials.
  • Home Teams responsible for providing AO’s.

U11 Modified Field (3rd / 4th Grade):

  • League provides one registered official.
  • Home Team is responsible for providing AO.

U13 (all divisions – 5/6th grade):

  • League provides one registered official.
  • Home Team responsible for providing AO.

U15 (all divisions – 7th/8th Grade):

  • League provides two registered officials.



The Crossroads Township League (CTL) will be using NFHS sanctioned rules for all divisions (click here), with the exception of the following modifications:


U9 Cross-Field

U9 Field of Play and Game Setup

  • Game length for U9 is recommended for 2 - 25-minute run time halves, with 5 minutes in between halves.
  • For U9, field is set up cross field and is 35 yards wide (endline to restraining line), and 60 yards long (cross-field, sideline to sideline) for U11 Cross-Field.
  • Player configuration for U9 Cross-Field will be 7v7 (2-2-2 plus goalie).
    • 3 players must stay in defensive end of field to remain on-sides.
  • U9 Face Offs: Each team lines up with wing players behind the sidelines.  Attack must start with both feet on Goal Line Extended (GLE).  Defense are allowed to setup in I-formation in front of the goal/crease they are defending.
  • On-field coaches allowed at U9.
  • NO TIME OUTS in U9.

U11 Modified

  • For U11, field size should be shrunk down to 40 yards wide (Face off wing becomes U11 sideline), and 80 yards long (goal lines become end lines) for U11 Modified.
    • Goal lines should be placed 5 yards inside of a full-filed's restraining line.
    • Face Off Wings should be painted 5 yards away from the sideline.
      • Whenever possible, home team should try to line U11 Modified field in a contrasting color.
  • Player configuration for U11 Modified will be 8v8 (2-3-2 plus goalie).
    • ​​3 players must stay in defensive end of field to remain on-sides.
  • U11 coaches must remain in the bench area, off of the field.

Rules of Play for U9 Cross-Field, U11 Modified, U13 & U15:

U9 Cross-Field

  • There are no one handed checks.
  • There is no checking.  All body contact should be “Equal Pressure” situations whether the ball is in possession or on the ground.
  • There are no counts, even when the goalie is in possession of the ball in the crease.
  • If a flag is thrown for a personal foul, it’s a slow whistle ("play-on") until a shot, change of possession, or the ball becomes loose (no continuation).  Play will restart from spot of foul unless it occurred in the defensive end of the field.  In this case, a free clear will be granted to the offended team.
  • There will be no time-serving penalties in U9 play. The offending player must be removed from the field, both teams play at full-strength.
  • If a team goes up by 5 goals, the losing team will be granted the ball on face-offs until the 5 goal differential is mitigated.
  • There is no minimum # of passes rule.  However, in the effort to promote sportsmanship, if a lopsided game unfolds, the winning team is expected to self-impose a 2-3 pass rule.
  • No Time Outs at U9.
  • No long poles at U9.
  • Stick length: Players are allowed and ecouraged to have sticks lengths under 40 inches. Appropriate length is about belly to chest high when standing next to stick.


U11 Modified

NOTE: U11 Modified use all the same rules as U13 / U15 below.  HOWEVER-

  • There is no body checking allowed at U11!!
    • Body contact is allowed, but only the amount needed to play 1v1 defense, box out on a GB, or to turn a player back on a ride.
    • Players who deliver body checks on GB’s, in the middle of the field, or in any situation where the ball carrier is defenseless, will be penalized.

U11, U13 and U15:

  • All games will be played with four - 15 minute running time quarters.
    • ​If goal difference is <3,  then they will have us do "STOP TIME" for last 2 minutes.
  • Officials Keep Game Time.  Home team is responsible to keep penalty time.
  • Time will stop only during injury or time out situations.
  • Time Outs
    • U13 & U15 may be called only on the offensive side of the field provided you have possession or it is a dead ball situation.
    • ​U11 can call a time out anywhere on the field provided you have possession or it is a dead ball situation.
    • All teams are allowed 1 - 90 second timeout per half or overtime period.  The game clock is stopped during all timeouts called by a coach or official.
  • Penalties are running time with 10 secs. added to all time-serving penalties.
    • Personal fouls serve 70 seconds.
    • Technical fouls serve 40 seconds.
  • If the score is tied at the end of regulation play, there will be a 4 minute, running time sudden-death overtime period.
  • Mercy Rule:
    • ​7+ goals - no face off
    • 6 goals or less - face-off
      • ​If losing team doesn't want to utilize Mercy rule, face-offs will continue.
  • No more than 4 long poles on the field at 1 time.
  • Stick Checks:
    • 2 hands on stick for all U11 & U13
    • Under control to the stick or gloves
    • Controlled, one handed wrap checks and over the head checks allowed at U15 only
  • Long Pole restrictions:
    • U15 - may use a full length 72" long pole
    • U11 & U13 - may use modified long poles (no longer than 60")
    • U9 - NO long poles.
  • Counts:
    • U15.  After possession is gained, a team has 20 seconds to cross midfield and then 10 seconds to “get it in” to the offensive box.
    • Goalie counts (4 seconds) only at U11, U13.
    • During final 2-minutes of a game, teams must “Get-it-in, Keep-it-in” to the offensive area This will be enforced at U11, U13 & U15.
  • Ejections:
  • If a player is ejected from a game, it must be reported and they must sit out the next scheduled CTL game.​​​​​​