Cape Cod Lacrosse has been an opportunity for me to give back to the community that helped me start a career in the sport of lacrosse. I have two main objectives in the programs I run with CCLax: to provide top-notch instruction in all of our programs and

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Cape Cod Lacrosse
Team Cape Cod!!!!

"Team Cape Cod is a program for the areas top local and summer residents to compete at the highest level possible.  We have compiled a group of knowledgable, enthusiastic coaches to maximize the growth and potential of our players.  Anyone that participates in the TCC program will be sure to raise their game!!"
What is Team Cape Cod?
The TCC program is a high-quality club team experience.  TCC teams will be provided advanced instruction from experienced coaches and will include participation in elite summer and or fall tournaments.

Team Cape Cod provides emerging youth and high school players with advanced instruction from a coaching staff comprised of players that
currently play the game at a high level.  This provides our players with coaches they will relate to and look up to as role models on and off of the field.  Our staff is second to none in our region!!!  They will provide a fun, upbeat approach to learning, just what every young player is looking for.

Each summer and fall team will consist of approximitly 20 players with two coaches per team. Additional instruction from other coaches (collegiate players from the Cape Cod Lacrosse League) will be provided throughout the summer.  Each practice will be highly organized with a focus on individual skills and team concepts.  Teams will meet weekly throughout their tournament season in both the summer and fall.

How do I Join Team Cape Cod?
Team Cape Cod will host a Mini-Camp twice annually for interested players.  A two day Mini-Camp will be held prior to each upcoming tournament season.  Every year there will be a June Mini-Camp for those interested in participating during the summer tournament season as well as a late summer/early fall Mini-Camp for those interested in playing during the fall tournament season.  The Fall Mini-Camp could be attended by a summer resident looking to play the following summer season, if they will be unable to attend the following June Mini-Camp.

What is the Cost?
Summer 2015
2016 $950 4 Tournaments
2017 $750 3 Tournaments
2018 $750 3 Tournaments
2019 $600 3 Tournaments
2020 $600 3 Tournaments
2021 $600 3 Tournaments
2022 $600 3 Tournaments
2023/24 $475 2 Tournaments

Fees are all inclusive.  You will not be asked to pay any additional costs.

Participation with Team Cape Cod will provide you with the following:
  • 2 highly qualified Coaches assigned to each team.
  • Quality practices that concentrate on game strategies, advanced drills and the "ins & outs" of every position, not the basics!!!
  • Each player receives a customized TCC uniform & apparel package.
  • The apparel package may vary for each team.
  • Participate in 2 (2023/24 team) 3, or 4 (2016 team) selectively chosen tournaments.
  • High School teams participate in tournaments that are well attended by college coaches.
  • Youth teams participate in events that promise at least 5 games per event.
  • High School players will work with TCC staff to compile personal profiles to market themselves to college coaches.
  • High School players receive full support in the college recruitment process throughout the entire 2015-16 school year.
  • High School players receive Hi-Def video of every game played at every tournament. You won't be scrambling for video footage senior year!!!
  • Experiences, friendships and memories that will last a lifetime!!!
  • With 10 years of college coaching and 5 years as a professional player, Director Greg Clements' relationships and networking with college coaches is an asset to all TCC members.
We want the Team Cape Cod Program to be available to as many boys as possible.
If you would like to establish a payment plan please email Greg Clements at .

What are you paying for?
The cost of the TCC Program is broken down into three main pieces: 1) equipment & apparel 2) facility & tournament expenses 3) operating costs.  Each TCC Player with their tuition, receives:
  • An equipment/apparrel package includes a full uniform (customized shorts, reversible tank & shooting shirt), plus additional apparel valued at $150. 
  • There is a tournament fee for each team at every tournament that TCC enters.
  • We provide high definition video for all of our high school players from every game at each tournament.
  • We will provide full consultation in the recruiting process for any player that requests support.  Our coaches will fully support all players in finding a college program that best meets their needs from both an academic and athletic perspective.
  • The operating costs of the TCC program are broken into the following parts: facilities, coaches, apparel and administrative expenses.
  1. It is extremely important that TCC provides quality fields in a central location.  Quality facilities are expensive!!
  2. The coaches employed by CCL are recruited to we get the best coaches available. This is not a parent run or parent coached program.  We want to give parents the opportunity to watch and encourage the team from the sidelines without having to coach or film their child.
  3. There are many other expenses we face in order to provide a quality or top-notch club experience.   This program also requires countless hours from our Directors in terms of organizing, planning and executing the necessary details involved with running a quality program.
  4. Other expenses that are covered with player's fees include but are not limited to:
coaches apparel - web site administration & expenses - team equipment - travel expenses for coaches - postage - insurance - office expenses - marketing expenses - office equipment and supplies, and more…

Which team should I try out for?
Players should try out for the team of their anticipated year of graduation from high school.

Can my child play up or down an age level?
Players can never play down in age group? The Team Cape Cod Coaching Staff encorages players to play with their age group.  Our Directors may invite a player to play up to the next age group if they feel that it is in that players best interest.  Our Directors have years of experience evaluating players' lacrosse skills and can compare them not only to current players but also to players from past years and other areas of the country.

What tournaments does TCC play in?
TCC makes its decision on what tournaments we participate in each year based on the following:
  • For our high school players we are looking for tournaments that provide quality competition, well run, exceptable number and length of games, availablility of filming or videographer, location, and their opportunity to be seen by college coaches.
  • The tournaments our youth teams play in are determined by location, exceptable number and length of games, the ability to place our teams in appropriate skill divisions.

Our decision to choose which tournaments we participate in are based on these qualities collectively.  We want all of our players to have a fun, enjoyable and worthwhile experience while playing with Team Cape Cod.

All other questions can be sent directly to program director -