Cape Cod Lacrosse has been an opportunity for me to give back to the community that helped me start a career in the sport of lacrosse. I have two main objectives in the programs I run with CCLax: to provide top-notch instruction in all of our programs and

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Testimonials from Team Cape Cod Players and Parents...
  • Team Cape Cod has grown in players and talent since our involvement 3 years ago. With lacrosse become more and more popular in this region, it is nice to have an organization that grabs talented kids from many municipalities which allows them gain experience playing at a higher competitive level.


  • We have thoroughly enjoyed our three summers with Team Cape Cod. The players, coaches and families have been fabulous. We could not have picked a better group of people to spend our summer lacrosse weekends with.


  • Playing for Team Cape Cod has been a great experience, promoting competitive lacrosse while emphasizing a family team environment. Coach Clements and his coaches focus on using a positive learning atmosphere to foster their love of lacrosse to their players.


  • This past Summer (2016) Coaches Morse and Mason did an outstanding job. This Fall, Coaches Morse and Gorrasi were an outstanding duo as well. Our son has a great time playing for TCC, always a positive experience! We couldn't be happier with the program and the positive influence his coaches have instilled.


  • Great coaching, great exposure at tournaments 


  • Team Cape Cod was a great experience, with exceptional coaching. A great way to play on the same team with kids you are always playing against.


  • I had a great 4 years playing for Team Cape Cod. I grew as a player,learned a lot from my coaches that were approachable. Better still,my teammates and I have formed a bond of friendship that will last the rest of our lives.
    - Neal Canastra TCC 2017 - Goalie


  • The Seacamp experience was wonderful. Our son came home on top of the world with friendships that he intends to keep forever. We have played on TCC for summer and fall lacrosse and the winter practices and our son couldn't be happier. Which makes for happy parents. TCC is a great club. 


  • The boot camp was a great way to start the summer season.


  • Great group of players, positive experience


  • Cape Cod Lacrosse has created one of the best lacrosse cultures I've ever Been around. They make club lacrosse fun for the whole family. The coaches are not focused on winning to further there careers. There focused on winning to help the players confidence and to keep it fun. From youth through high school CCL makes it about the kids. - TCC 2018 Parent

  • Great overall experience. The Boot Camp was awesome and helped build a strong team and friendships with kids from multiple communities.

  • Love the program!

  • We loved our coaches!